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The only way to help protect yourself is through education. Planning Retirement Income is a 40-page, comprehensive (yet easy-to-understand) guide that shows you how to build a investment portfolio, help strengthen your cash flow, and help create sources of lifetime income.

It identifies your potential retirement income sources and assists you in “putting together the pieces”.
Take control of your financial future and begin the education process today.

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Zachary Steinhandler

Retirement Planner

Zachary Steinhandler, Founder of Steinhandler Wealth Advisors, leads the third generation of the Steinhandler family of companies. He says “growing up I was taught to treat clients as if they were family and always leave clients in a better situation than when I met them.”

Being an Retirement Planner allows Zachary to customize unique strategies that focus on principal preservation, growth, income planning and wealth transfer for families and small businesses.

A graduate of Dominican University, Zachary lives with his wife and two children in Evanston, IL. In his spare time he enjoys playing basketball and platform tennis.

Perry Steinhandler

Retirement Planner

With over 40 years in financial services Perry is well versed in retirement planning, wealth preservation, and creating income streams his clients can’t outlive. Perry’s special skill sets include using proprietary strategies that simply put “help protect the money you can’t afford to lose”.

A graduate of Northern Illinois University and a life long learner, Perry and his wife Diane live in the Chicago Northwest suburbs, and take special pride in their adult kids, and growing number of grandchildren.